PKR is the newly launched online poker site and is the most latest actual three-dimensional poker rooms. The software is the most advanced and is easier to play in live online casino.

Within a short span of time it became very popular as the graphics boasts three-dimensional features including all other characteristics, this online PKR poker game is distinctive from other poker site. The game hosts avatars which are completely modified and thus several desired facets can be chosen for the avatars like facial features, voice accent, clothes, football shirts, body piercing, hats, tattoos, sunglasses, hair style, headset and much more.

The participants can also utilize their own PKR points to buy bonus apparels and accessories. While playing the game at the table Emote controls method can be used to make expressions like crying, clapping, laughing and other emotions. As the game the progresses the participants is able to discover chip tricks.

This PKR online poker game site was launched in the year 2006 in the month of August. Since then it has showed rapid success and still the popularity is increasing day by day. In comparison to other poker sites PKR stands apart as it can hosts more than seven thousand players at peak hours. There are various online poker games available in the PKR site such as Omaha Hi or Low provided within limit, without limit and pot limit, Texas Hold ’em.

The limit at the poker table begins from .01 or .02 US dollar and it is restricted to hundred to two hundred US dollar whereas the no limit boards starts from .01 or .02 US dollar and limits to five or ten US dollar and the pot limits commence from .02 US dollar and ends to hundred to two hundred US dollar. Ten players at the same time can participate in the single ring game and six max boards in short handed game.

There are various contests held at different throughout the day, which begins with one US dollar including ten complementary roll contests also. While playing online PKR poker four initial deposit bonus alternatives is provided to the PKR participants.

So before starting the game desired PKR bonus codes are required to deposit first and later on this capital will be mechanically adjusted whenever the player visits the site to play the game. Initial deposit for PKR bonus code should be two thousand US dollar.

It is advised to follow the PKR poker news as PKR from time to time updates its site so that people are aware about the fresh reports and events. It is ideal online poker site for all amateurs, intermediate and progressive poker player as it provide all sorts technical guidance to grow step by step.



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